Walk Strong: 6 Week Total Transformation System

Walk Strong: 6 Week Total Transformation System 1Walk Strong: 6 Week Total Transformation System 2Walk Strong: 6 Week Total Transformation System 3

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Stop wasting your money on fads, gimmicks + extreme plans that don’t work or are too hard to stick with. We make it simple to get in shape at home safely + effectively!

Forget the idea of “NO PAIN NO GAIN.” If your workout is painful and hard to stick with, it’s not right for you. That’s why our program has just the right blend of intensity, varied workout styles, challenge and repetition to help build you up, not break you down.

For less than the price of a single session with a personal trainer, you’ll get our 6-week, DVD fitness at home workout plan that’s designed to progress with you!

Here’s what you get:


#1: CARDIO PARTY gets you moving + grooving on those days you don’t feel like exercising.

#2: INTERVAL MIX for tough, but doable, high intensity cardio.

#3: 360 ABS a cardio combo of waistline cinching moves.

#4: BRAIN FITNESS FUN designed in concert with Dr. Marie Pasinski, a neurologist and faculty member at Harvard Medical School, this is mind and body fitness at it’s best.

#5: BAREFOOT FUSION SCULPT for balance, endurance, flexibility all the way down to your ankles + feet.

#6: TOTAL BODY TRAINING for an all over muscle building, metabolism boosting workout.

#7: UPPER BODY STRENGTH for stronger, more sculpted muscles in your arms, chest, back and abs.

#8: LOWER BODY SCULPT for more lifted, shapely and defined buns, thighs + back.

#9: DYNAMIC STRETCH to stretch + restore.

#10: PREHAB ROUTINE to prevent injury, reduce aches, pains and improve your range of motion.

OUR 6 WEEK WALL CALENDAR shows your daily workout and weekly focus.

OUR WELCOME GUIDE includes our top tips for maximum results.

Looking for an all walking-based, floor-work free program? Please check out our “Walk On: 30 Day Plan” available here: http://amzn.to/2iEqgUbThis plan contains 10 varied and focused 30-minute workouts designed to improve your metabolism, strength, stamina and flexibility
The set contains 4 DVDs plus our 2 phase, 6 week wall calendar an bonus guide
This is a multi-level workout level program with a custom mix of intensity and modalities for maximum energy and results
All exercises are designed for at home performance and feature low impact (no jumping) modifications demonstrated throughout
We feature real women (not fitness models) of various ages and sizes, along with family friendly language and attire

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