SUPER EXERCISE BAND Heavy Fuchsia Pink Resistance Band. Your Home Gym Fitness Equipment Kit for Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Chair Workout | LATEX FREE ALLERGIC SAFETY | 7 ft


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Tired of coming up too short on your bands during your workout routine? We’ve got the answer. Our super-size premium latex free band is 7 ft. long by 6 in. wide. Size does matter for strength, durability, versatility and range of motion.

You’ll have plenty of band to take a couple wraps around your hands for more tension and to get a better grip or the band can be tied with a knot to create a loop band.

Select the strength you want:

EXTRA LIGHT STRENGTH YELLOW BAND provides 1 – 2 lbs. tension.

LIGHT STRENGTH GREEN BAND provides 3 – 6 lbs. tension.

LIGHT STRENGTH ORANGE BAND provides 3 – 6 lbs. tension.

MEDIUM STRENGTH BLUE BAND provides 6 – 10 lbs. tension.

MEDIUM STRENGTH SKY BLUE BAND provides 6 – 10 lbs. tension.

HEAVY STRENGTH PURPLE BAND provides 10 – 14 lbs. tension.

X HEAVY STRENGTH BLACK BAND provides 12 – 16 lbs. tension.

XX HEAVY STRENGTH GRAY BAND provides 15 – 20 lbs. tension.

The band comes with a sturdy resealable black pouch and carabiner to keep your band clean, supple, protected and ready to go with you.

Bonus: Included with your purchase is our Resistance Band Workout E-book© which is sent via email once you’ve received your product. You will also have access to the Super Exercise Band® website which has product details and workout videos to help you create your personal resistance band workout.

So, keep it simple and get the most out of your workout. Grab your 7 ft. Super Exercise Band® and get started.

Our Guarantee: Expect great quality and customer service as all product assembly, inspection and customer service is done in the US. We provide superior customer service backed by an unconditional manufacturer lifetime guarantee. So order now! Just scroll up, choose your color for strength, hit ADD TO CART.

HEAVY STRENGTH PINK SELECTED — Our Heavy Strength Fuchsia Pink band offers a challenging workout for both men and women who are strong & athletic. When used regularly, this band promotes increased strength and overall fitness. For band strength rating in lbs. scroll down to product description. Want to add a pair of band handles or door anchor? We have them. To see our complete line of premium flat band products just click on the SUPER EXERCISE BAND® link at the top near the product title.
7 FT. LONG by 6 INCHES WIDE — Our 7 ft. bands are powder free, scent free and latex free without a sticky surface. Fold them over for more tension, tie a knot for a loop band or take a couple wraps around your hands for a secure grip. Expect great quality and customer service as all product assembly, inspection and customer care is done in the USA by our staff.
ARRIVES IN STYLE — Each band is neatly tucked into a stylish compact black resealable pouch with matching carabiner. So clip it on your gym bag or yoga mat. Makes a perfect gift for those fitness, ballet, dance, or crossfit men and women in your life. 10 strengths to choose from so create your own resistance bands set.
RESISTANCE BAND E-BOOK© INCLUDED — A 30 page stretch band workout E-book is emailed after your product arrives. We also have several Exercise Videos on the SuperExerciseBand® website and on YOUTUBE to help you get started using your band.
SPECIAL DISCOUNTS — Choose your discount on elastic exercise band accessories when you buy 3 or more single bands in any combination of colors. See SPECIAL OFFERS and PRODUCT PROMOTIONS below. Add desired accessory item to your cart, then enter discount code at check out.

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