SaltWrap Daily Fitness Planner – Gym Workout Log & Food Journal with Daily & Weekly Pages + Goal Tracking Templates – Spiral-Bound, Size 7” x 10” | Best Diet, Exercise & Total Fitness Tracker


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The SaltWrap Daily Fitness Planner allows you to plan, track and improve. Made for serious fitness enthusiasts, athletes-and those ready to take big leaps toward their fitness goals.


Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve strength and performance-or just be healthier… The Daily Fitness Planner will guide you through your entire fitness program: training, nutrition, planning, and goal tracking.


If your progress has stalled in the gym. Or you aren’t losing weight. Or you aren’t getting stronger. The DFP will help you bust through the plateau by encouraging focus on incremental progress.

The Daily Fitness Planner combines ease of use with superior quality design and an intuitive, minimalist layout:

► Easy to use- Daily and Weekly templates

► Customizable- track only what suits you

► Economical in size- 10″ x 7″

► Durable- Spiral-bound, with a flexible PU leather cover and 80 gsm thick pages (go ahead, throw it in your gym bag)

► Historical reference- easily refer to past entries

► Minimalist page designs- fill out in just minutes per day

► One visual snapshot- see your entire fitness program in one view


► Page Contents: Daily Training Log, Daily Nutrition Log, Weekly-Check in, Weekly Fitness Planner, Goal Tracking Templates (Body Measurements, Strength & Performance)

► Length: 280 pages (16 weeks)

► Cover: Black Leatherette, Matte, black felt interior

► Binding: Spiral bound, 80 GSM thick fountain pen paper, white pages

► Extras: Elastic book strap for safe-keeping, page marking

Click Add to Cart now, and give your fitness program the respect it deserves.★ A SCIENTIFIC APPROACH TO ACCOMPLISHING YOUR FITNESS GOALS: The best fitness planner, training log and food journal for accomplishing your fitness goals. Made for serious athletes, by serious athletes. See page layout and sample entries in the image section.
✅ DAILY WORKOUT LOG: The daily Training Log allows you to track all exercise activity, with a focus on resistance training or circuit-style training.
✅ DAILY FOOD LOG: Track as little or as much as you see fit. Spaces to track calories, macro-nutrients, meal timing and more.
✅ GOAL TRACKING: Set your goals. Then use the Goal Tracking Templates to hold yourself accountable. Track strength, performance and body composition goals in one visual snapshot.
✅ WEEKLY PLANNER: The Weekly Fitness Planner page is your designated fitness planning space. This allows you to make training and sound nutrition a priority-even if the rest of your life is hectic. The Weekly Check-In also asks you to rate your energy levels, joint health, and mindset each week. **The seller, SaltWrap, is solely responsible for all guarantees.

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