Leslie Sansone – 3 Mile Walk and Firm DVD

Leslie Sansone - 3 Mile Walk and Firm DVD 1

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Instructor: Leslie Sansone (Instructor Profile) SKU: WA227-01 Runtime: 63 min. Region: 1 Product Description: This WALK & FIRM program combines fitness walking with strength training to increase calorie burn and muscle toning! The easy to follow walking-based moves accelerate to a power walk pace! Fitness walking offers you cardio benefit and big calorie burn! Strength exercise using the firm band works arms, back, chest, core, abs and legs! Full range of motion moves improve flexibility! Mile 1 – start with a warm up walk and build to a strong 4 mile per hour pace! Mile 2 – The big mile…you’ll walk, you’ll firm, you’ll challenge muscle groups while keeping a brisk walking pace! Arms, back, chest, core…all muscles get a strong workout! Mile 3 – It’s Fast Fast Fast…all the speed you need to burn maximum calories! Finish with a cool down walk and stretch! Plus there are three bonus 5-minute mini walks! Perfect to give yourself a short metabolism boost any time of the day, or do them all together for a full 15-minute mile! Firm band not included The Steps to Miles® system is a registered trademark of Walk Productions, Inc.

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